MonaVie Acai Berry Juice Product Line


Which juice is right for you?

Our products are formulated to promote good health, nutrition, and acai berry benefits!
Reduce cholesterol naturally, build up your immune system, glucosamine for a natural remedy to joint pain. The new MonaVie MX combines the health benefits of Active, Essential, and M(mun) in one bottle!

How many fruits have you eaten today?

  • MonaVie has the antioxidant power of 13 servings of fruits and vegetables in 4 oz. of pure acai berry juice
  • These pure acai berry juices are a delicious blend of 19 body beneficial fruits and natural remedies
  • MonaVie is 100% natural fruit juice and formulated with AcaVie ™, the most potent form of pure acai berry

Healthy energy drinks

If your looking for natural energy boosters , MonaVie EMV and EMV Lite are natural energy drinks. These natural energy drinks only use natural energy sources for a quick boost of long lasting energy without the crash. MonaVie also has nutrient packed, delicious, all natural weight loss products . With MonaVie RVL, you receive all natural acai berry benefits and weight loss success!

Good nutrition for good health.

Looking to add more fruit or vitamins to your diet? You have come to the right place! Our products have the antioxidant power equivalent to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables to give you the best all natural acai berry benefits. MonaVie Elements are liquid vitamins and minerals for men, women, children, glucose support and brain health. Take control of your health and buy Monavie today!

All natural organic ingredients for natural remedies

Pure acai berry juice, natural energy drinks, liquid vitamins and minerals, delicious natural weight loss products and more. We have all natural remedies with acai berry benefits for everyone. Each type of acai berry juice is formulated to cater to specific needs. Have you been searching for natural remedies for joint pain, a product that will reduce cholesterol naturally, or a way to build up your immune system?