Monavie Active Nutrition Facts

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MonaVie Active Nutrition Facts

Acai Berry Juice With Liquid Glucosamine

A natural remedy for joint pain, MonaVie Active delivers key nutrients and liquid glucosamine to help your body improve range of motion. Liquid glucosamine encourages production of glycoproteins, which help your body make and maintain healthy connective tissue and joint cartilage necessary to relieve joint pain.
  • Contains 1,500 mg of plant derived liquid glucosamine
  • Helps Fight aging and oxidative damage with polyphenols
  • Helps improve joint health by increasing joint mobility and flexibility
This delicious product contains 19 beneficial fruits and scientifically validated liquid glucosamine, which targets joint mobility and flexibility. Formulated with AcaVie ™, the most potent form of pure acai berry available, this advanced acai berry juice also offers protection against cellular oxidation. Get natural pain relief. Try MonaVie Active today!

Tips To Help Relieve Joint Pain Naturally:

  1. One natural remedy for joint pain is making sure not to overdo your activities. Pushing past your physical limitations can increase pain so be sure to pace yourself.
  2. Balance your activities and get plenty of rest.
  3. Regular, gentle exercise movements keep muscles toned and help you build strength, flexibility and joint mobility which will relieve joint pain. Just be sure not to overdo it or you could increase pain.
  4. For every pound a person is overweight, three to five pounds of extra weight is added to each knee during walking. In contrast, weight loss will relieve joint pain and increase joint mobility. A ten pound weight loss leads to 30 to 50 pounds of pain relief. Refer to our MonaVie RVL page for help with natural weight loss.
  5. Reduce your stress to help natural pain relief as well! Immune function, stress and disease are interconnected. Too much stress can increase pain.
  6. MonaVie Active contains natural liquid glucosamine which has been shown to increase joint mobility by helping to lubricate, cushion, and protect joints. Individuals who regularly consume glucosamine have reported an increase in joint mobility, joint flexibility and natural pain relief.