MonaVie Essential Nutrition Facts

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MonaVie Essential Nutrition Facts

High Quality Pure Acai Berry Juice

MonaVie Essential is really a tasty blend with nineteen helpful fruits and AcaVie ™ that is the most powerful type of genuine acai fruit accessible and the perfect ingredient for making a berry smoothie.
  • Antioxidant benefits of thirteen portions of vegetables and fruit
  • Organic acai fruit juice helps prevent ageing along with other oxidative harm
  • Powerful antioxidant energy
  • Encourages general health as well as long life through safeguarding the body
Developed to aid men or women's dietary requirements, this particular delicious fruit juice protects from ageing whilst enhancing general health. The antioxidant benefits of AcaVie ™ can not be beat! Go ahead and try Mona Vie Essential.

Organic acai fruit great for a berry smoothie

The brief movie explains the advantages of consuming Mona Vie. It describes exactly how AcaVie ™, is the most powerful type of genuine acai fruit accessible, and facilitates your dietary requirements. Get antioxidant energy with MonaVie Essential and protect against oxidative harm.
  • The greatest high quality genuine acai berry
  • Makes use of all natural ingredients in order to secure essential nutrition
  • Enlivenox ™, that provides ten-times more polyphenols compared to rival acai berry items
  • Goes through demanding screening to make sure excellent quality is upheld