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Healthy Energy Drinks

The search for how to increase energy is over! MonaVie EMV ® is a healthy blend of antioxidant rich fruits, including the Brazilian acai and maqui berries. Delicious and lightly carbonated, EMV enhances endurance, performance, and concentration by keeping you energized without a subsequent crash.
  • Contains Palatinos ™ for long lasting energy
  • 80 mg of all natural caffeine from guarana, green tea, and yerba mate.
  • Made with 80% juice
  • Healthy energy drinks with a delicious and refreshing taste
  • Natural energy boosters with no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or preservatives
On top of that, there are health benefits from the antioxidant rich acai berry juice. Finally there is a healthy, natural solution that will keep you energized all day long. Buy energy drinks online today!

No jitters.
No crash.
Just pure, long lasting energy.

Have you been wondering how to increase energy? These healthy energy drinks are free of synthetic stimulants so not only will you receive a boost, you will get it naturally! The advanced formula in MonaVie EMV provides a healthy alternative to traditional energy drink brands. These natural energy boosters are a 100% natural blend and feature revitalizing ingredients like Palatinose ™ that provide a quick boost and long lasting energy. Palatinose ™ is a source found naturally in honey, sugar cane, and sugar beets. Scientifically shown to promote long lasting energy, Palatinose ™ metabolizes more slowly than sucrose and maltose (typical ingredients in other brands) promoting a steady stream of stamina over a longer period of time.
Stay energized with these natural energy drinks any time you want, without worrying about unwanted side effects. The best part is, if you buy energy drinks online you will save money! The more you buy, the cheaper the price per can. Always have EMV on hand when you need a quick boost!

Why Buy MonaVie EMV?

MonaVie EMV has an energizing blend of antioxidant rich fruits, including natural acai berry and maqui. Unlike other brands that provide empty calories from simplified sugars like high fructose corn syrup, MonaVie EMV is made with the natural energy boosters provided in 80% juice. Stop wondering how to increase energy. These natural energy drinks not only contain nutrients that keep you energized, they also have a delicious, refreshing taste! Buy energy drinks online today!