MonaVie Pulse Nutrition Facts

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MonaVie Pulse Nutrition Facts

Alleviate Your Heart Health Problems

Finally trying to get back to healthy cholesterol has a solution! MonaVie Pulse is definitely a method beneficial mixture of 19 fruits and vegetables, resveratrol, and then vegetation sterols that have been medically proven to limit cholesterol without chemicals. Benefits concerning resveratrol may include beneficial as well as healthy cholesterol.
  • Reduced cholesterol without chemicals
  • Provides vegetation sterols that offer protection to your amazing body
  • Natural and organic resveratrol.
  • 57 Glycemic Index (GI)

Created by way of AcaVie ™, the more sturdy type of acai berries around, this valuable method of berry power holds up most health needs and beneficial cholesterol levels. Take something very theraputic for your amazing body and try MonaVie Pulse right away!

Facts about cardiovascular disease:

  • Being obese is known as a leading risk factor for cardiovascular disease
  • 1 common, fact of cardiovascular disease shows that 631,636 citizens died because of cardiovascular disease. This is 26% of all deaths in the US (more than one from every four)
  • Being obese is known as a leading risk factor with respect to both males and females
  • Cardiovascular disease is among the most commonplace model of heart problems. Found in july 2006 445,687 citizen deaths came from cardiovascular disease.
  • Year in year out facts along cardiovascular disease illustrate that 785, 000 Us residents get a foremost cardiac arrest. Facts along being obese too illustrate that an additional 470,000 without a doubt suffered from more than one additional heart attack.

Different methods to minimize cardiovascular disease:

  1. Keeping up healthy cholesterol thresholds is definitely a fundamental path to minimize cardiovascular disease
  2. The human body absorbs cholesterol provided by nutrients. Medical studies declare that in the event that plant sterols are found, the human body absorbs considerably less cholesterol. As a result if you should ingest plant sterols, you could reduced cholesterol without chemicals
  3. Foods with 0.4 grams per serving plant sterols taken twice daily for a total intake of 0.8 grams, as part of a diet low in fat, may reduce heart disease by reducing cholesterol
  4. Four ounces MonaVie Pulse contains .8 grams of plant sterols which will reduce cholesterol naturally. Start to lower cholesterol by drinking MonaVie Pulse and eating foods that lower cholesterol!