MonaVie Essential Nutrition Facts

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MonaVie Essential Nutrition Facts

Quality Pure Acai Berry Juice

MonaVie Essential is definitely a tempting blend of 19 fruits & AcaVie ™ and is the best blend of fruit juice around.
  • Antioxidant strength of thirteen servings of fruits & vegetables
  • Natural and organic acai berry juice fights against aging + oxidative damage
  • Sturdy antioxidant power and help with destructive free radicals
  • Helps improve overall health and toughness by boosting your body's cells
Put together to match nutritious expectations, this valuable delicious juice guards your aging even when enhancing your all around health. Put the antioxidant strength of AcaVie ™ to work and buy MonaVie Essential!

Try as an ingredient for healthy smoothie recipes

The concise film demonstrates how you can improve your health by having some MonaVie. The following identifies tips about how AcaVie ™, holds up a men and women's nutritious expectations. Beneficial antioxidants found in MonaVie help your body stay healthy.
  • Features outrageous quality pure acai
  • Patent protected process locks in vital nutrients and vitamins
  • Provides Enlivenox ™, which delivers 10x more polyphenols than competitors
  • Goes through rigorous testing to ensure quality and nutritional value