MonaVie Kosher Nutrition Facts

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MonaVie Kosher Nutrition Facts

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MonaVie Kosher Weight loss program is definitely a tempting mixture of berries and 19 similar essential fruits and vegetables. Providing a comprehensive option to your diet regime, these valuable kosher nutrients hold up all around health.
  • Certified by the Chief Rabbinate Israel and Orthodox Union (OU) North America. Click here to view official OU certificate
  • Follows Kashrut dietary laws
  • A large variety of antioxidant power protects from free radicals and supports health
  • MonaVie acai berry juice delivers antioxidant power equal to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables in two servings
Containing the antioxidant power to fight free radicals, in only 4 oz. of juice which is the equivalent to thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables.

Following Kashrut, Jewish Customs?

It is not easy to continue along with Kashrut inside the world that does not necessarily stick to the matching daily activities. MonaVie Kosher acai fruit power can aid! Authorized with Orthodox Union (OU), this valuable berry's power could certainly increase a number of nutritious expectations inside of your Kosher weight loss program.

MonaVie Kosher nutrients acai fruit power antioxidants have thirteen parts of fruits & vegetables. What is also amazing is your Kosher diet can now include extra fruits and vegetables? Brought directly to your house, finally search is over. Realize MonaVie Kosher acai fruit power is going to be amazing, you should actually feel rest assured creating your own Kosher weight loss program. You and your family's all around health can improve right away!

The reasons why: MonaVie Kosher

With respect to variety, I recommend the main acai fruit and other fresh fruits because natural and organic health-promoting benefits. Finally the unique benefits concerning berries seem to be permanently acknowledged with innovative products. And since it is an excellent source of antioxidant force and wonderful nutrition, the acai fruit is considered some of the international high superfoods. Now merely are you currently using the latest nutritious Kosher power, moreover, you may be given the benefits concerning these berries in the event that you always buys MonaVie Kosher acai fruit.