MonaVie Kosher Nutrition Facts

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MonaVie Kosher Nutrition Facts

Nutritional Acai Fruit Juice Certified Kosher

MonaVie Kosher Diet is a delicious blend of pure acai berry and 18 other beneficial fruits. Promoting a balanced approach to nutrition, this kosher food certified formula nutritionally supports your body's overall health.
  • Certified by both the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and the Orthodox Union (OU) of North America. Click here to view official OU certificate
  • Complies with all Kashrut dietary laws
  • Contains a wide variety of nutrients and high antioxidant power that protect against free radicals and support overall health
  • Unlike other health juice drinks, MonaVie acai berry juice delivers the antioxidant power of approximately 13 servings of fruits and vegetables in just 4 oz
It contains antioxidant power that fights free radicals and aging. Even more exciting, only 4 oz. of juice is equivalent to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables. This acai berry juice is a perfect addition to any Kosher food!

Following Kashrut?

It is hard to follow Kashrut in a world that does not follow the same lifestyle. MonaVie Kosher acai juice can help! Certified by both the Orthodox Union (OU) of North America and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, this acai berry juice can fill many of the nutritional needs in your Kosher diet.
MonaVie Kosher food acai juice has the antioxidant equivalent to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables. When was the last time your Kosher diet included that many fruits? Delivered straight to your door, the search for Kosher juice is over. Knowing that MonaVie Kosher acai juice is certified, you can feel confident adding it to your Kosher diet. Improve you and your family's overall health with this natural acai berry juice today!

Why Drink MonaVie Kosher Juice:

For countless centuries, the people of the Amazon have admired the unique acai fruit for its natural, health-promoting properties and prized it as a source of health and vitality. The remarkable health benefits of acai berry are continually being documented by modern science. And because of its high antioxidant power and extraordinary nutrient content, the acai berry is now widely regarded as one of the world's top superfoods. So not only are you adding a nutritional Kosher juice to your Kosher diet, you also receive the health benefits of pure acai berry when you buy MonaVie Kosher acai juice.