MonaVie Kosher Nutrition Facts

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MonaVie Kosher Nutrition Facts

What Is Kosher Food Acai Fruit Juice?

MonaVie Kosher is really a tasty mixture of genuine acai fruit as well as nineteen other helpful fresh fruits. This balanced method of nourishment and kosher food facilitates general health.
  • Licensed through both the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and the Orthodox Union (OU). Click here to view official OU certificate
  • Conforms to Kashrut nutritional regulations
  • Includes a wide selection of nutrition as well as higher antioxidant potency
  • In contrast to some other wellness fruit juice beverages, MonaVie acai fruit juice provides antioxidant benefits of around thirteen portions of vegetables and fruit in only four ounces
It includes antioxidants that fight free radicals as well as ageing. Much more fascinating, just four ounces of this fruit juice is equivalent to thirteen portions vegetables and fruit. This particular acai fruit juice is really a ideal inclusion to Kosher meals!

Following Kashrut?

It is difficult to follow along with Kashrut within a world that does not have the same way of life. MonaVie Kosher acai berry fruit juice will help! Licensed through both Orthodox Union (OU) associated with The united states and also the Chief Rabbinate associated with Israel, this particular acai fruit juice may fill the dietary requirements within your Kosher diet plan.

MonaVie Kosher acai berry fruit juice has the antioxidants of thirteen portions of vegetables and fruit. Does your own Kosher diet plan integrate lots of fresh fruits? Shipped directly to your home, the need for Kosher fruit juice has ended. Understand that MonaVie Kosher acai berry fruit juice is actually licensed, you are able to really feel self-confident including this in your Kosher diet plan. Enhance your family's general health with this particular organic acai fruit juice!

The reason why you should consume mona vie Kosher fruit juice:

With regard to numerous hundreds of years, the folks from the Amazon possessed the initial acai berry fresh fruit because of its organic, health-promoting attributes as well as valued this particular the supply of health and energy. The actual amazing health advantages associated with acai fruit tend to be continuously recorded through contemporary technology. And since it is an excellent source of antioxidant energy as well as remarkable nutritional content material, acai berry is currently broadly considered to be among the best superfoods. Therefore not just are you currently including the dietary Kosher fruit juice for your Kosher diet plan, additionally you get the health advantages associated with genuine acai fruit whenever 1 purchases MonaVie Kosher acai berry fruit juice.