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It is time to get your body moving with these tips for working out! This part of losing weight most people dread, but don't worry exercise can be fun! If you haven’t already, be sure to read our previous blog posts. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle along with regular exercise are important if you want to see weight loss progress.  

Now that you know the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, it is time to feel the burn! Do not be intimidated by exercising. Maybe you have never worked out a day in your life, maybe you have tried exercising and failed, or maybe you exercise regularly but have hit a plateau in your weight loss progress. No matter where you are, these working out tips can help anyone get results.

Working Out Tips #1: Start off slow

It may surprise you, but I advise you don't push hard at the gym in the beginning. If you do, you risk wearing yourself out which might lead to giving up on your goals. Also you risk injuring yourself which will hinder your success. Start off slow and progress once you feel yourself getting stronger. Follow the working out tips below and you will notice weight loss progress each passing week!

Working Out Tips #2: Play

Get outside and play games! Play basketball, tennis, paintball, go snowboarding, play catch, ride horses, or any other activity you enjoy. Even if you don’t consider yourself athletic, I encourage you to find an activity you enjoy and get moving. It will amaze you how many calories these activities burn. Below is a short list of calorie burning activities.

           Activity                               Calories burned per hour

  1. Snowboarding                                      250 - 630 
  2. Backpacking/Hiking                             413 - 651 
  3. Cleaning/Dusting                                 148 - 233 
  4. Fishing                                                   177 - 279 
  5. Gardening                                              236 - 372 
  6. Golf (non-driving range)                       266 - 419 
  7. Frisbee                                                   177 - 279 
  8. Playing catch (football/baseball)        148 - 233 
  9. Leisure Bicycling                                  236 - 372 
  10. Carrying an infant                                 207 - 326 

This should give you a good idea of what I am talking about. Everything you do burns calories and the more you do, the more you burn. The range of calories depends on how much you weigh and how hard you push during these activities. The more you weigh, the easier it is to burn calories. If you increase the intensity of your activities, you will also burn more calories. Let yourself do the activities you enjoy and do something good for your health at the same time.

Working Out Tips #3: Walk

Make a point to walk every evening. Chat with your friends while you walk or listen to music and it won’t feel like exercise.

               Activity                        Calories burned per hour

  1. Push a stroller/walk with kids        148 - 233 
  2. Walking the dog                              177 - 279 
  3. Walking very slow                           118 - 186 
  4. Walking slow                                   148 - 233 
  5. Walking                                            177 - 279 
  6. Walking moderate                          195 - 307 
  7. Walking brisk pace                         224 - 354 
  8. Walking uphill                                 354 - 558 
  9. Walking brisk                                  295 - 465 
  10. Walking very fast 4.5 mph             372 - 586                        

Working Out Tips #4: Watch TV

Soon you will realize how good it feels to get moving. If you have a treadmill, walk while watching TV shows in the evening. If you don’t have any exercise equipment, do lunges, squats, sit ups, or push-ups on each commercial break. At the end of your show, you will feel better knowing that you got an extra calorie burn instead of just sitting like a couch potato.

Working Out Tips #5: Multitask

Often, people do not exercise because they feel they don't have the time. I suggest multi-tasking. If you have a report you have to read for work or a chapter for school, read while you are on a stationary bicycle or elliptical. If you can’t leave your kids long enough to go to the gym, incorporate them into your workout. Run around, play tag, lift them up, walk or run your baby in a stroller, or get a baby carrier and hike. The added weight of your child will actually help you burn more calories.

Working Out Tips #6: Forget Transportation

Be creative! Look at your lifestyle and see where you can incorporate exercise. Walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Ride your bike, walk, or run anywhere you can. The list of what you can do is endless!

Working Out Tips #7: Stay Away From Alcohol 

I know this might be hard for some people, but consuming alcohol will seriously hinder your weight loss. Not only is it high in calories, but it also delays the results you from working out. When consuming alcohol, your body burns less fat than normal. This is because your body is busy trying to burn off the alcohol. Also, you will be much less motivated to workout the next morning. Try to abstain from alcohol for your first month or so at least. I promise you will see faster weight loss progress.

Working Out Tips #8: Compete with Yourself 

Make exercise a game. Having a workout partner can help to ignite your competitive side but if you don’t have one, compete with yourself! Everyday, write down what exercises you do including times and reps. If you walk for 2 blocks, try to beat that by walking 3. I encourage you to get a pedometer and keep track of your steps each day. This will tell you how many calories you have burned walking. Each day, try to get a bigger step total than you did the day before. Setting little goals like these and achieving them will make you feel good about yourself and help your weight loss progress. 

Working Out Tips #9: You Don’t Need a Gym Membership to Work Out

I realize that times are tough and a monthly membership to a gym doesn’t exactly fit your budget right now. That is absolutely fine! I have given you plenty of alternatives that don't require a gym. I prefer work out videos to a gym anyway. There are many varieties of workout videos and you can do what enjoy most.  

With an exercise video, you will see how to do the moves properly so you won’t injure yourself. You won’t have to drive anywhere so it saves gas money. You can do it inside your home so weather does not affect you. You don’t have to leave your children. Videos can be your own personal trainer!

Working Out Tips #10: Mix it up! 

Keeping variety in your workouts is very important. If you do the same workout over and over, your body will get used to it and you will hit a plateau in your weight loss progress. Keep your body guessing! 

Next Step: Amp up your workouts

After you have incorporated these working out tips into your healthy lifestyle, you can start to increase the intensity. On your walks, start running a little bit or bring light dumbbells with you and do curls. Push harder during your activities than you would normally or play longer. Start strength training and more intense cardio.

If you would like, please feel free to ask me any questions in the comment box below.